On a Break!

Thank you all for supporting dark tidings as much as you all have.
at this time the show is indefinitely on hold due to a change in my living situation and inability to stream. 

other non streamings projects are on the way!!! 



Exploring my creativity after decades of a sheltered existence and alcohol fueled depression.
I have a full time gig, but in my spare time I'm a twitch streamer, story teller, musician, actor, and media editor. 

the story telling in D&D and video games are key inspirations for creativity and I'm looking to carry that passion into my own stories to tell. You can catch me on Twitch streaming Games and live play D&D, assure.. more is coming.

A past full of dissonance, I'm currently on a road to recovering. While also a recovering alcoholic, I'm also working through undoing all the programing from my time in Christianity. Over the past 2 years I have been on a road to self discovery and I have never been happier, and you're invited to join me on the journey!
I'm an advocate for mental health awareness and those seeking help for substance abuse issues, an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community and have a desire to see people in this world find happiness in who they are.
I hope you find my community a safe place, and most of all i hope you take care of yourself.