Dark Tidings

Is a production i stream on Twtich and post on YoutTube. Its is a Live play D&D game that takes place in the World of Exandria(created by mathew Mercer and is the setting used in the Web seires that inspired it all, Critical Role.)
the Story, missions, and most characters are homebrewed by me, while some cameos from the critical role setting may make appearances.
the cast is made up of Members of our Stream Team, all fantastic Streamers and lovely people so please check them out!

Hosted and DMed by 

Myself- David -StrayMarble (https://twitch.tv/StrayMarble)

The PLayers:

Katy- Chio-Doll(homebrew) rogue    https://twitch.tv/thescottishgeek

Sarah - Merpo- nome Cleric   https://twitch.tv/sarah88_66

Geenie - Bo- halfelf-druid    https://twitch.tv/JustGeenie

Vitt - Verlore - Tabaxi monk    https://twitch.tv/Vittrott

Baggins - Sackman - Human Barbarian   https://twitch.tv/PackyourBaggins

Selfless - Valdant - Aasimar Paldin   https://twitch.tv/SelflessNobody

Source book and setting taken from "The Explores Guide to WIldmount" by Critical Roles Mathew Mercer in partnership with D&D WHERE TO BUY

Music provided by: 

Tim from TableTop Audio https://tabletopaudio.com

"Welcome to Tal'dori Critical Role Soundtrack)" by Critical Role 

"Welcome to Wildemount (Critical Role Soundtrack)" by Critical Role 

Art from the players